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Social Media in Business and Daily Life

In our world today, promoting business online has been the trend. While some would still use the tried and tested marketing style, it cannot be denied that one’s online presence has a great impact on business. Social Media Social Media … Continue reading

Internet Marketing: Crucial in Today’s Business

Internet Marketing: Crucial in Today's Business - Bookacourse.com

Over the years, marketing has evolved in so many ways that it has developed and become more efficient in sending messages across customers. Today, internet marketing is considered as a very effective means of marketing businesses worldwide. Internet Marketing Defined … Continue reading

Talking About Personal Effectiveness

During leadership talks and some business seminars, we often hear the terms personal effectiveness. But what does it really mean? It is not simply all about one’s self but it is a branch of the self-help movement in which helps … Continue reading

How Selling and Marketing Function Together for Your Business

How Selling and Marketing Function Together for Your Business - Bookacourse.com

Was there even a time that you asked yourself how marketing differ from sales? They are two different words yet they work hand-in-hand for the success of a business. Without marketing, you will not have leads or prospects to call. … Continue reading

The Art of Negotiation

Everywhere we look, negotiation is around. From the market to the corporate world, you can encounter this big N word. For the market place, negotiation seems to be a very normal thing that’s happening but take it to the corporate … Continue reading

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